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Our Approach  

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Impaired Real Estate Transactions

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Qualified Settlement Funds and Environmental Remediation Trusts

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RESIGHT Advisors collaborates with its clients to utilize a proven, in-depth, data-driven process for assessing and analyzing current property conditions and value. We then identify viable reuse and disposition options for achieving the client’s operational objectives.

Drawing upon our expertise and experience, RESIGHT Advisors helps clients turn liabilities into strategic business assets, unlocking value at every stage.

  1. Define: We clearly define our client’s success criteria for their assets and how they support the company’s overall business objectives.
  2. Quantify: By cataloging all aspects of the asset(s), we gain a clear understanding of the associated value and liabilities. This includes property value, capital constructed assets, existing equipment, scrap and salvage and unconventional or non-traditional assets such as natural resources. Additionally, we identify and quantify liabilities and expenses associated with all assets including asset depreciation, carrying costs, and environmental and decommissioning and demolition liabilities.
  3. Identify: Through the process of identifying and analyzing the full range of disposition and reuse options for our clients’ assets, we are able to tailor approaches for each situation that best align corporate objectives with bottom line metrics.
  4. Model: Financial analysis supporting surplus and environmentally impaired real estate asset management is the cornerstone of our advisory services. Using RESIGHT Advisors’ proprietary modeling platform, REALM, we work with our clients to internally analyze and vet the cost of property and liability divestiture, providing a sound financial basis to support management decisionsin selecting a preferred disposition strategy. We take into account a variety of different financial and corporate factors to produce outputs that includes net transaction costs, pre- and post-tax costs, NPV cash flow, tax impact analysis, cost avoidance analysis, and more. This allows clients to identify and dynamically apply and adjust key factors driving decisions and financial outcome in divesting these.
  5. Advance: The result is a dynamic, evergreen decision tool that allows for continual management updates over time to inform future as well as current decisions. With the thorough understanding of the property’s impact on the business’ strategy, objectives, and bottom line, RESIGHT Advisors can further assist with transaction support, site transformation, risk management development and implementation, long-term disposition strategies, and more.


RESIGHT Advisors leverages more than a century of collective varied experience in surplus and environmentally impaired real estate asset management, re-use, divestiture and restructuring, integrating a strong multidisciplinary team comprised of top-level professionals in the fields of finance, real estate, environmental, legal, and risk management.

Over time our team has worked to quantify this experience into a repeatable and insightful methodology offering our clients a complete and comprehensive evaluation of the complex burdens of owning these assets, deploying resources to better manage financial uncertainty and unlock hidden value.

This approach to our work integrates important aspects of strategic real estate, financial, risk management and environmental expertise, providing our clients with business strategies to manage, transform and dispose of underperforming real estate assets.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]