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Disposition & Reuse Analysis

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RESIGHT works with clients to identify and analyze the full range of disposition and reuse options, traditional and non-traditional. Whether your corporate business objectives are balance sheet deconsolidation, cost certainty, cash flow management, or creating a positive corporate legacy in the community where the assets reside, RESIGHT helps our clients to tailor approaches for managing and disposing of legacy assets, aligning corporate objectives with bottom line financial metrics.

RESIGHT analyzes a range of long-term and sustainable disposition strategies for our clients’ assets including:


[list-ul type=”arrow”][li-row]  As Is, Where Is Sale[/li-row]

[li-row]  Like-Kind Sale[/li-row]

[li-row]  Sale with Liability Holdback[/li-row]

[li-row]  Sale-Leaseback[/li-row]

[li-row]  Lease with Option to Buy[/li-row]

[li-row] Repositioning to a higher and better use (i.e., Residential commercial and/or mixed use)

[li-row] Non-traditional Beneficial Reuse (including natural resource habitat banks, land conservation easements, wetland preservation and/or renewable energy sites)

RESIGHT also performs highest and best use analysis and market feasibility studies to identify future use alternatives as part of its overall disposition and reuse offering, executing on a collaborative process that integrates site closure, optimization of the site’s natural environmental conditions, and protections against future liability exposure for all stakeholders.