Acquisition Criteria

We meticulously assess potential projects that exhibit opportunities for financial and environmental impact based on the following criteria:

Property Types

Property is either an existing industrial, retail, and/or office space, as well as infill land and/or underutilized assets with potential commercial development.

Transaction Size

We invest in single assets or portfolios of real estate and/or loan assets with total capital invested between $2 million and $20 million.

Target Market

Major metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada. Will look into smaller market areas if the market dynamics meet underwriting criteria. As a real estate firm first, emphasis is placed on residual value of the asset.

Deal Types

  • Direct real estate acquisitions (portfolio & single assets).
  • Co-investment with buyers of mixed portfolio pools by carving out the subset of impaired assets.
  • Sale-leaseback to corporate users.
  • Acquisition of performing and non-performing loans.

Capital Partnership Opportunities

  • Are you looking to achieve diversification and consistent risk-adjusted capital returns?
  • Do you value certainty of outcome and asset-based investment opportunities?
  • Are you interested in projects with significant social and environmental benefits?
  • Are you seeking an investment partner with a proven track record?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, please contact us!

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