CEO Brent Anderson Reappointed to the Environmental Financial Advisory Board

Jul 15, 2018

RESIGHT is proud to announce CEO Brent Anderson’s reappointment to the Environmental Financial Advisory Board (EFAB). EFAB is responsible for counseling EPA on the financial component of environmental and public health matters. EFAB seeks to lower the costs of EPA’s projects and increase investments.

Brent joined EFAB in August of 2016. “A former EFAB member suggested I participate on the Board.  After reviewing EFAB’s charter it was clear that my background integrating environmental technical, regulatory, business and financial issues could be helpful in resolving larger environmental policy issues,” explained Brent. “I enjoy working with a talented group of people working on the complex environmental policy, funding and regulatory issues that are presented to the Board,” he added.

EFAB’s most recent focus has been an EPA program called Backhaul Alaska that serves to remove hazardous waste from hard-to-access communities. Brent is responsible for devising a working business model for the project in an effort to help make the program financially sustainable. RESIGHT is very proud to have one of its team members contributing to such an important body of work!

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