Environmental Liability Nets Top Spot Among Risks Facing Real Estate Investors Today

Aug 3, 2016

Environmental liability now ranks at or near the top of the list of risk factors concerning real estate investors, developers and financial institutions (Click for Risk Factor Report). Fear of environmental liabilities is magnified in the face of increased focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility as investors are now championing green investment opportunities.

RESIGHT Advisors is an impaired real estate investment consulting firm and a leading advisor on business strategy for managing environmental liability associated with asset acquisition, sale and development.  We consult with clients across a broad range of private and public business sectors.  RESIGHT provides proven risk management strategies to identify, quantify and manage environmental liability in a framework that supports informed decision-making, planning, and allocation of resources to protect and enhance assets.  In the process we generate the most robust market value of asset impairment to support investment and transaction decisions.

RESIGHT structures risk management programs that our clients use to shield themselves from environmental liabilities, designed to manage a myriad of known and unknown, on and off-site, and third party risks.  We structure programs to quantity and apportion liability depending upon the estimated magnitude and risk of the liability. The result is a clear picture of the financial impacts and measures to mitigate risk of environmental liability on the sale, acquisition or ownership of an asset.

Our management team relies on over 100 years of combined experience in real estate development, real estate finance and environmental liability risk management. RESIGHT has been directly involved in over $3 billion worth of environmentally impaired real estate transactions, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and divestitures throughout North America.

While environmental risks rarely can be completely eliminated, they can be managed effectively. RESIGHT’s risk management programs protect our clients’ investments, adding value by mitigating exposure to risks and liability obligations associated with sale, acquisition, development and ownership of industrial, commercial, retail and residential real estate assets.

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