Nov 2, 2015

Colorado-based firm will now focus on the impaired real estate market

NOVEMBER 1, 2015—Effectively immediately, the International Risk Group (IRG) is now RESIGHT Advise Invest, a specialized real estate advisement and investment company focused on the market for the full range of impaired properties.

As the firm has evolved, its capabilities have grown beyond risk management to encompass significant and proven ability in managing and investing in impaired real estate opportunities. As its skill and knowledge in maximizing the potential of these complex assets has matured, it chose to rebrand itself as RESIGHT to best define the added value it brings to its business partners.

RESIGHT Advise Invest’s business model is centered on generating often-unseen value from real estate opportunities, collaborating with investors, buyers, sellers, and owners alike to identify the best opportunities in surplus, brownfields, and other impaired properties. The firm accomplishes this via its proven, repeatable and flexible methodology for assessing impaired real estate, with the stated goal of better understanding the investment and resale options for each opportunity.

“Distressed and impaired properties represent some of the greatest opportunities in the market today,” said Brent Anderson, RESIGHT Advise Invest CEO. “With the proper insight and analysis tools, these properties can deliver significant gains for investors or improved operational performance for our owner clients.”

Adds Mikk Anderson, RESIGHT Founding Member: “This is a tremendous opportunity to share our valuation methodology with others in the real estate space. We hope to bring new clarity to this complex segment of the market and look forward to many years of growth and success with our partners in the industry.”

The existing management team remains in place to take the company in this new direction.