Airport Center Development Partners, LLC (ACDP)

Alcoa, TN

Project Details

This property is foundational to the City of Alcoa. In 1913, ALCOA began construction of two new plants. The first plant to be built was the South Plant, then in 1919 the West Plant emerged. This industrialization of the area pushed for the creation of the City of Alcoa in 1917. The site purchased by ACDP, is 363 acres of land and was the former ALCOA West Plant. ACDP’s purchase brought a new mixed-use development called Springbrook Farm to life. This community is envisioned to be a centralized mixed use city center with abundant greenspace. In addition to commercial and residential development, a portion of the site was developed for the new Alcoa High School in 2015. The project has experienced further development regarding a new grocery store, apartment complex, hotel, and retail. Although our involvement in this project has reached a conclusion, we are excited to watch as it develops and impacts the community.

Springbrook Farms Trails and Greenspace Plan
Springbrook Farms Master Vision Plan


363-acre property that was utilized for aluminum fabrication. It operated for decades until it was decommissioned in 1989 and later demolished in the early ‘90’s.

Our Solution

  • Solutions for the four areas of concern:
    • Historical Non-Industrial Area: no environmental concerns.
    • Former Oil Ponds Area: A new stormwater detention basin was built over the former lagoon area and the old lagoon was removed and closed under the BVA with a No Further Action (NFA) letter issued by TDEC (October 2019).
    • Former Landfill WPB: Proposed as greenspace and community amenity or a future non-residential use, yet to be determined. Main solution is to further enhance the cap placed by Alcoa, Inc.
    • Former Main Plant Area: All known USTs on the property were closed by Alcoa, Inc. in accordance with TDEC.
  • A Soil Management Program (SMP) was placed to address discovery of any unknown conditions during redevelopment.
  • Land Use Restrictions (LURs) were placed for most of the property to ensure that development upon the property was in accordance with environmental cleanup.


Four areas of environmental concern:

  • Historical Non-Industrial Area, which occupied undeveloped land that bordered the formerly active industrial plant area serving as a buffer between the industrial area and the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Former Oil Ponds Area, which was an outfall lagoon for stormwater management.
  • Former Landfill WPB, which was used to collect any construction debris and general plant solid waste which was capped upon closure by Alcoa, Inc. with a clay cover.
  • Former Main Plant Area consisted of underground and aboveground storage tanks (USTs and ASTs), waste oil storage areas, railroad spurs, parking areas, and hazardous and solid industrial waste landfill. It also contained manufacturing facilities and various support and warehouse buildings.


Potential Impact:

  • Commercial:
    • +/- 730,000 square feet
  • Housing:
    • +/- 1,000 apartment and/or townhome units
    • +/- 100 single family lots
  • New Greenway and trail for the community.
  • New infrastructure and roads to serve the development and community.

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