Double A Development Partners, LLC (DADP)

New Haven, CT

Project Details

This project is 13 acres of land that was used as a manufacturing factory. The factory which originally occupied the site was developed in the 1860’s by Winchester Repeating Arms Company (WRAC) and consisted of this site and adjacent parcels. The integrated factory manufactured firearms, rifle cartridges, and shotgun shells. In the 1930’s, Olin Corporation acquired Winchester and the entire factory site. In the 1980’s, Olin sold the majority of the factory site to U.S. Repeating Arms Company but retained the 13-acre parcel. They expanded the factory on this parcel to manufacture primers for centerfire rifle, and shotgun primers, along with flame retardants, urethane chemicals, and various chemical treatments. Olin ceased operations and officially vacated the site in the 1990’s. The concerns on the site included soil and groundwater contamination. RESIGHT’s acquisition of the site in 2016, led to the creation of a remediation plan and rezoning of the property. This paved the path for redevelopment of the site into a multifamily apartment complex.
Double A Development Partners lot


13-acre property used as a manufacturing facility for firearm primers, flame retardants, and chemical treatments.

Our Solution

  • Groundwater remediation remained with Olin as the source of contamination was from an upgradient site formerly owned by Olin. This remediation was finalized prior to RESIGHT’s acquisition in 2016.
  • Soil remediation:
    • The property was enrolled into the State of Connecticut’s voluntary Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) program.
    • The soil remediation plan was approved and required the creation of a “cap” on site. The cap was created through both hardscaping materials (buildings, parking, and roads) and a clean fill cap (a minimum of two feet of clean dirt delivered to the site).


Groundwater and soil contamination.


  • After 20+ years of being vacant, a 13-acre parcel is brought back into re-use.
  • 398 new residential units are brought into the market providing housing for the New Haven community. 377 residential units are a part of the apartment complex. 21 residential units are townhomes. Approximately 10% of the new housing units will be affordable to renters making up to 80% area median income (AMI).
  • Approximately 200-300 construction jobs during the development of the project.

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