IRAD – Downey

Downey, CA

Project Details

This project is 160 acres of land that was used as the NASA Industrial Plant. This plant is the historic location for Apollo and the Space Shuttle program activities. The historic use resulted in an underground plume of contaminated groundwater. The site remained idle for 10 years as NASA worked to address the contamination. RESIGHT presented a plan that addressed the underlying contamination while facilitating redevelopment on the surface. Over 14 years, RESIGHT received closure from California regulators. The redevelopment of the site included a new medical center and hospital by Kaiser Permanente, 400,000 square feet of retail space (anchored by Walmart), 12-acre community park, and Columbia Memorial Space Learning Center.
IRAD Downey Complex from 1929 to 1950
IRAD Downey Complex Since 1960s to Present
Air Photo of NASA Site
NASA Industrial Plant Aerial 1979
IRAD Project


160 acre property used as a NASA Industrial Plant and was the historic location for Apollo and Space Shuttle programs.

Our Solution

Manage the underground contamination and address the contamination through injections receiving closure. While the contamination was addressed, surface development continued.


Groundwater contamination by chlorinated solvents resulted in an underground plume.


  • A site that was idle for 10 years was rehabilitated to benefit the community by bringing in commercial space, a hospital and park.
  • Learning Center memorialized the impact of the property’s historic use.
IRAD Site Map March 2011
IRAD Project Marshalls Building
IRAD Project Construction Site

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