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Project Details

This project is 1,866 acres of land that was historically utilized as a United States Air Force Base from 1937 to 1994. The historical usage resulted in contamination which prohibited potential redevelopment on site. Through a unique agreement, the responsibility for clean up was privatized in a cooperative effort between the U.S. Air Force, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), the Lowry Economic Redevelopment Authority (LERA), and RESIGHT (via Lowry Assumption).

This agreement allowed for the expedition of remediation efforts on site and the acceleration of development. The site-plan created a mixed-use community. After 20 years the project was officially closed and today stands as the new community and Denver neighborhood, Lowry.

Figure 9 - Main TCE Plume timeline
Lowry Hanger black and white 2
Lowry Illustrative Map of the mixed-use community plan


1,866 acre property used as a U.S. Air Force Base. The use resulted in soil and groundwater contamination.

Our Solution

  • The groundwater contamination treatment began in 2004 and by 2021 the plume was reduced by greater than 95% (when compared to data collected in 2001). The treatment focused on injections.
  • Soil contamination was addressed through a plan that resulted in both a “cap” creation and the shipment of contaminated soil off site to a qualified location for handling.


  • Groundwater contamination created a plume contaminated by trichlorethylene (TCE).
  • Soil contamination was from asbestos and other regulated contaminants.


  • RESIGHT’s remediation efforts saved the U.S. Air Force approximately $13 million dollars in expenses.
  • Brought a contaminated property into reuse creating a mixed-use community.
    • 76 acres portioned off for an educational campus.
    • 800 acres of open space and/or recreational use for the community.
    • 32 acres of commercial space made available and developed.
    • 960 acres of residential space made available and developed.
  • As of 2005, 71% of businesses located in Lowry employ fewer than 50 workers, qualifying as small businesses. In addition, 52% of non-residential space was owner-occupied. These numbers have grown through the years.

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