Lowry Vista – Denver, CO

Acquired site as a part of the transfer of land from the United States Air Force to the Lowry Economic Redevelopment Authority, and subsequently, RESIGHT: Completed redevelopment into a mixed-use project including open space, retail, commercial, hotel, office and multifamily residential uses.

To implement this vision, we completed the following:

Conducted public outreach to solicit input from citizens and Registered Neighborhood Organizations.

Prepared and received approval for a General Development Plan (Master Plan Amendment) in 2007.

Prepared and received zoning approvals for CMX 30 zoning for the property.

Prepared and executed a Development Agreement with the City and County of Denver to provide for the orderly development of the property.

Reduced environmental risk and addressed long-term care and maintenance issues through the formation of a Metropolitan District to control future environmental risk including:

Taking dedication of all site infrastructure, including utilities

Monitoring excavations at the site to assure that waste or the protective landfill cap is not disturbed by third parties.

Providing a long-term funding mechanism (taxes) to address any long-term environmental issues.

Providing funding through bonding to cover portions of the remedy costs.