City of Alcoa approves Greenway Corridor to connect with Springbrook Farm Development

Nov 22, 2017

November 22, 2017 – RESIGHT is pleased to announce an update to the proposed plans for the Springbrook Farm redevelopment on the former Alcoa West plant site in Alcoa, TN.

According to Mark L. Johnson, City Manager for the City of Alcoa, there was a concern among area residents about plans for the property along Faraday street across from Alcoa Middle School, which has been vacant since the City’s founding.

“After hearing the concerns of the citizens and working with Airport Center Development Partners (RESIGHT), we are pleased to announce that the City has purchased the property so that it can remain as open space.” said Mark L. Johnson,  “Not only will this maintain the aesthetics of the neighborhood but it will also provide the legal basis for the City to formally develop a greenway corridor between the existing park and the Springbrook Farm development on the former Alcoa West plant site.”

Even though originally platted for residential lots, most area residents were under the impression that the property was either an extension of the adjoining Springbrook Park or was part of the school campus and would never be developed.

RESIGHT Senior VP Mikk Anderson, stated “We are pleased to have worked with the City and local residents to achieve a resolution that addresses the concerns of the citizens with the added benefit of enhancing the potential impact of this dynamic project.”

Proposed Greenway Corridor Map:


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